The Neighbor Fund is a vehicle
for regenerative abundance. 
Part charity, part community, we get to collectively redirect money to benefit the greater good.
Our goal is to replace "The Tragedy of the Commons" with a "Victory of the Commons",
where individuals can reinvest in the whole, created greater value for all.
How it works
Members join by offering a monthly amount (minimum $10).
Every month, members get to vote on how the money is allocated
within three categories of People, Causes, and Magic.
How funds are allocated:
• 30% to People: humans in need, scholarships, and shared community resources.
• 30% to Causes: community-based charities and philanthropic projects.
• 30% to Magic: anonymous donation or public works designed to create a sense of enchantment.
• 10% to Admin: transaction fees and unexpected expenses.
How your $10 can make a Massive difference
The Tragedy of the Commons is an economic problem where people are incentivized to deplete a common resource for personal gain. 

Example: a group of fisherman over-fishing a lake because they fear that if they don't, the other fishermen will take all the fish.
The result is that instead of having a regenerative resource that can feed all the fishermen sustainably, a scarcity mindset depletes the resource and eventually everyone is left with nothing.

It's not that the individual players are bad or even selfish. It's that the economic incentives are set up such that being selfish is the safer bet, even if everyone is worse off in the long run. This perpetuates the scarcity-mentality that is the norm in society-- even with all our technological advancements.

But it doesn't have the be this way...
If group of individuals can make a small commitment to the greater good, the Commons can regenerate creating greater abundance for all. 

By pooling together, we make a massive  difference in the resources that us all:

Nature, children and future children, socially conscious entrepreneurs and artists, developing economies, and many more.

We call this the Victory of the Commons because every individual gains by giving. Therefore, there is no dilemma between being selfish or altruistic. It's the same thing.
Our Past Contributions
 2019 q3 (pending)
Beginning July 2019, the Neighbor Fund now makes contributions Quarterly instead of Monthly.
JUNE 2019 ($600 distributed)
Furang Friends
Grooming services and CPR for animals in Northern Thailand. 
Together Rising
Love Flash Mobs for funding relief efforts around the world.
Retreat at Elephant Sanctuary
Surprised a group of social entrepreneurs with a retreat at an elephant sanctuary to support them in their work in environmental sustainability, mental health, animal rescue, and women's empowerment.
MAY 2019 ($510 distributed)
New BBQ Restaurant in Thailand
Supporting newly created Texas BBQ place in Thailand by comping all their customers for 1. 5 days

From the owner:
"The [Thai guy] who drops off our ice everyday finally saved some cash and came in to buy brisket and ribs, and he was super excited that it was free! 
Our food is like a day's wages for most Thais, so this made his day!"
Plastic Use Reduction Project
Reducing plastic waste in Bir, India.
Purchased all customer meals at Restaurant
(See far left column)
More than 20 people got free meals including a birthday party. 

Not all abundance-spreading needs to be with the extremely needy. To give and create a sense of gratitude and enchantment those with means can encourage more abundance to spread around the world.
APRIL 2019 ($450 distributed)
Tiki Mashy
Black female pilot trying to save flying in Texas.
Mission to end sex-trafficking in Southeast Asia.
Anonymous Donations
Donation to the Healing House Community Art Space + anonymously paid for 2 tables at a Chiang Mai restaurant.
march 2019 ($327 distributed)
An artist creating meditations. We pushed her over the "funded" limit.
Education materials for children in Southeast Asia. 93% of the funds went directly to materials for the children.
Wildflower Bombs
Guerilla wildflowers planted in under-utilized plots in New York City.